Yves Morrier holds a passion for precious stones and jewellery, and is especially fond of exceptional gems and exclusive jewellery creations. Working as an expert and teacher, he has nourished his passion for gems and jewels for the past thirty years.


Some time ago, the desire to create exclusive and daring pieces of jewellery came to the fore of his professional life. He then joined forces with a jewellery designer, Catherine Villeneuve, whose reputation and renown are well established and whose work has won several awards. Involved as the artistic director from the very beginning of the project, she accompanied him throughout his exploratory approach. Rapidly, the path Yves Morrier would follow became clearer: He would focus on the creation of jewellery for men. After three years of research and development, a first line of unique pieces of jewellery intended for his male clients emerged at last.


Highlighting exceptional diamonds, gems and pearls, combined with precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver, these remarkable pieces of jewellery express the sensitivity and values of excellence and transmission that have shaped Yves Morrier’s career over the years.