Thanks to attentive listening, we can determine your wishes and give life to your emotions with a proposal of exceptional creativity. Placing a special order is a unique experience. Note that every effort will be made to create for you an exclusive piece sure to place you at the heart of the creative process at every stage of its production.


Creative Process

During the first stage of the creative process, the ideas of the creative team are jotted down in the shape of a sketch or a pencil drawing. A full-scale mock-up is then produced, sometimes sculpted by hand directly in wax, sometimes generated by a drawing program and 3D printer. This first mock-up allows to carry out the adjustments, both technical and stylistic, required to express the unique style of La Maison. Thanks to Yves Morrier’s experience as an expert gemmologist, every creation is set with specially selected precious stones and beautiful diamonds.


Artistic Direction

Once the final mock-ups of the new models are ready, these are submitted to the expert eye of Catherine Villeneuve, the artistic director who completes the final selection. She determines the modifications sure to reflect the style, taste and quality of La Maison, and to forge a link between each of the creations.



The jewels are crafted by a team of experienced artisans who share the standards of quality embraced by La Maison. Every member of the team is trained in a specific field, be it as a designer, jeweller, setter, polisher, etc. At every stage of production, the pieces are subjected to a quality control procedure designed to ensure final product compliance.